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We’d like to draw your attention to inform you that our server IP has been modified. Please read on carefully:

In order to deliver better service, we have changed our server IP address, this does not affect normal hosting users, but if you're an advanced user who had already changed the "A" record of your domain, this mail is highly important for you. 

Kindly do update your old "A" record to new records, our server ip details are as follows;

Old Server IP:

New Server IP:


In order to make your hosting work, you must point the old record to the new IP address "", in case if you have not modified any of your cPanel DNS records you may not worry about IP address change.


Follow the steps to change your DNS records in our cPanel:

1).Visit and login in to your account

2). Click “Services” > “My Services” > Click on “View Details” on your hosting service

3). Click on “Login to cPanel” if

4). Click on “Zone Editor” 

5). Click “Manage” to Manage your “A” record or any “DNS” records as needed.


If you’ve pointed your domain from a different domain provider and if Namer server is not pointing to us, you must update your “A” record by contacting your domain provider in order to point your hosting to us.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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